holistic health coach
holistic health coach

About Christy

Hello! I’m Christy Goldfeder, nutrition and wellness coach and founder of Delicious Life Health Coaching.

I developed what I call the Delicious Life Anti-Diet after discovering the secrets that have helped me achieve lasting weight loss without strict dieting, free myself from chronic stress and overcome digestive issues for good.

Through trial and error, I discovered that I’m sensitive to gluten, so I live a gluten free life. Many of the simple, delicious recipes that I have on my site are written for gluten free or lactose free eaters, or have suggestions for ingredient substitutions.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about working with me and my programs. If you want more information or a question isn’t answered for you here, feel free to contact me.

What is your background and how did you become a holistic health coach?

I am a certified health counselor accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I received my training at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I became a certified health coach when I realized that I had the power to take control over my own health by changing my diet. But I had actually been teaching myself how to be healthier for a long time before I even imagined becoming a nutrition and wellness expert.

As an overweight teenager and college student, I suffered from depression, digestive disorders, and a thyroid condition, and I was told by doctors that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life.

It all started when I had my own personal health issues in college. I was stressed out, depressed, tired and overweight. My junk food vegetarian eating habits didn’t help, but I wouldn’t realize how my diet could turn my health around until much later.

My doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroid disorder and acid reflux, and I was on several medications. I was told that I would never be able to stop my thyroid replacement therapy.

Then one day, I decided that I was going to get into shape. When I started running on the track in the gym, I could barely get around the track twice without being completely out of breath. But I kept at it, and pretty soon I was running a whole mile at a time, and then two miles. By the time I finished college, I was eating better and running regularly. I started to release weight and feel better.

Unfortunately, my poor eating habits came back with a vengeance during my first full-time job. Working on a fast-paced news desk on the evening shift, we drank gallons of coffee and ate dozens of donuts to keep going until midnight every night. Add in after-work beers, odd sleeping hours, and too many missed gym workouts, and I fell out of shape.

A friend on the news desk introduced me to the Zone Diet and that’s when I started learning about how to eat for my health. Once I changed my eating habits, I naturally wanted to get active again.

This time, I built on my healthy habits instead of letting them slip away. I got into yoga and meditation, learned about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and life, and worked with alternative practitioners. By the time I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew that I wanted to study holistic health.

Since I learned to live a delicious life, I’ve competed in endurance events such as a New York – Boston AIDS Ride, a triathlon, and several 5K races. I love teaching people to live healthier and happier.

What is holistic health coaching and how is it different than a diet or therapy?

Holistic health coaching teaches you how to make diet and lifestyle changes that positively affect every area of your life.

Instead of putting you on a diet, I guide you to find the foods that work for your body type and lifestyle. We add new foods in, instead of taking foods away, and gradually help you to make the changes you need to make to be healthy.

When you work with a holistic health coach, you’re getting advice and guidance from a knowledgeable, trained expert that will show you how to make simple, yet effective, diet and lifestyle changes that improve your quality of life.

A holistic health coach is also a motivator, and encourages you in areas where you’ve been hesitating or procrastinating, including:

  • Changing your diet to lose weight or overcome health issues such as digestive problems or migraines
  • Learning to love your body and your life
  • Finding exercise that works for you
  • Loving your job or creating a new one
  • Cultivating better relationships
  • Feeling more connected in mind, body and spirit

A holistic health coach is not a psychologist, doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. I don’t take the place of your primary care physician, and I will not tell you that I can treat, cure or heal any long-term illnesses.

Here’s what one of my clients say about working with me:

I worked with Christy for the better part of a year. I thought I “knew” what healthy and organic food was until Christy took me shopping. She showed me what organic foods really are in such a manner that my way of looking at a carrot, a cracker, or a bunch of greens has been completely altered, and has not shifted back.

Her personal consultations followed weekly, with menus. She blended my eating with my emotional, personal and exercise life and in so doing, I found myself changing habits. What was once “good for me” was reexamined. Life altered. Behavior changed.

Christy is a kind and sympathetic listener. She has a thorough comprehension of healthy eating practices, of natural lifestyles that flow with healing exercise and energy, along with a great number of resources readily available as referrals. If you seek a holistic nutritional consultant who will stay by your side, I “heart”ily recommend Christy Goldfeder.

– Janet, Stratford, CT

What results can I expect from this program?

Confidence about your food choices – You’ll know what works for your body and how to make your meals fun, enjoyable and delicious. No quick fixes, but time-tested solutions that are easy and work in real life – even if you’re super busy.

More energy – You’ll feel more energized, alert, and alive. Feeling good physically gives you more energy to do the things you love, and more focus to do the things you need to do. You’ll enjoy food and life a lot more.

Fewer cravings – If you struggle with food cravings, take heart. I can help you deconstruct and understand your cravings and find healthy solutions to overcome them. I can also help you overcome sugar and caffeine addiction, or other food habits you find unhealthy.

Feel better – Besides eating better and losing weight, many of my clients report that they have healthy side effects such as better digestion, better sleep, less stress, reduce headaches and migraines, less bloating, reduce PMS symptoms, clearer skin, brighter eyes, even moods, clearer thinking, a better outlook on life.

More fun cooking– No more worrying about what to make for dinner – I give you lots of ideas on what you can prepare. Even if the only thing you ever make is reservations, I’ll empower you to start preparing simple recipes that require little effort.

A plan that works – When you follow the program, you’ll be making subtle but significant changes in the way you eat and take care of yourself. Unlike a crash diet or quick fix, you’re building a foundation of new habits that can last a lifetime – giving you results that stick.

Who will benefit best from one of your programs and what is expected of the client?

The clients who get the best results from my programs are the ones who know that I’m here to guide them, but they are here to do the work. They do their homework and show up on time for their appointments. They reschedule with at least 24 hours notice if they need to move their appointment.

My clients are open to suggestions and to experimenting with new foods and ideas. They are willing to do what it takes to get healthy. They want to and do take extra-special care of themselves because they know they deserve it.

I’m committed to working with people who truly want to change. You should be motivated and ready to make the changes you know you need to make in order to live the life you desire.

I choose my clients carefully and will (gently) turn you away if I don’t think we’re a good fit.

If I know of another practitioner who may be a good fit for a client, I will refer them to that person.

Who is not likely to benefit from your programs?

I don’t work well with people who don’t really want to change. If you’re going to use excuses instead of taking action, we’re probably not a good fit.

It’s the same thing with people who don’t take responsibility for their lives or expect me to do all of the work for them.

If you’re looking for a magic pill, look somewhere else. You can get rapid, lasting change through my programs if you follow through, but it won’t be from some magic potion that I give you.

If you aren’t willing to experiment or follow through with the recommendations that I give you, you are probably not good candidate for my programs.

How can I guarantee to get the most of the program and reach my goals?

You’ll get the best results if you’re honest about how everything is working for you.

If you’re showing up on time and following through with our agreed action steps, you’ll start to get results as quickly as you want – and you’ll likely reach all of your goals.

If something isn’t working for you, it is important that you let me know so that we can find a better solution together. And you’ll also get the best results if you show up for appointments on time.

Just see what others have said:

I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was a teenager. But now they were much worse – I was getting them for two weeks out of each month and taking very strong prescription medication to treat them.

I started working with Christy to learn how to eat heathier, lose weight, and see if I could figure out what was causing these migraines. Christy encouraged me to add more whole foods into my diet, cut down on processed foods and caffeine, and increase my exercise. By the time we had our last appointment, I hadn’t had a migraine in a month!

– Valerie, Long Island, NY

How do I sign up?

Check out the programs page to see what which program suits you best. Then contact me for more details on how to schedule an initial consultation.

Still want more proof that it works?

I invite you to read all of the client testimonials to see what your results might be like. If you have not already done so, you can kick start your delicious life by downloading my free report. You’ll also receive my newsletter with free monthly articles, tips and events that are advertised only to my subscribers.

holistic health coach
holistic health coach
holistic health coach
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