holistic health coach
holistic health coach

Private Coaching

Would you love it if you could…

  • Achieve a healthy, lean physique easily without starving or deprivation?
  • Learn exactly what foods to eat to double your energy?
  • Overcome food cravings and unhealthy eating habits?
  • Feel happy, energized and ready to take on the world?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably already tried different diets with varying levels of success… yet nothing seems to stick.

It’s not your fault. The trouble is that diets just don’t work over the long term.

Imagine life without diets

The Delicious Life Anti-Diet won’t deny your favorite foods or dictate a strict regime. On the Anti-Diet, you’ll learn:

  • How to listen to your body
  • To understand your own unique needs
  • What you need to stay healthy and energized
  • How to slim down without feeling like you’re in diet jail

With private coaching you get a customized plan designed for your unique goals. Your plan will help you:

  • Release weight without deprivation — and keep it off
  • Double your energy and increase your vitality
  • Resolve digestive issues, headaches, and chronic ailments
  • Achieve better sleep and improve your moods
  • Give you an understanding of your cravings and stop binges
  • Have greater confidence in choosing healthier foods
  • Increase your overall happiness in your life

We have several options for individualized, one-on-one mentoring:

I Love My Body Private Mentoring Experience

This Private Mentoring experience will help you FINALLY love your whole self! Create the life you deserve and desire, feel sexy in your body and SHINE in your LIFE. This 3-Month program is an intensive, life changing experience that is perfect for someone who’s ready to take a great leap forward.

There are ONLY a Maximum of 10 people accepted in the I Love My Body Mentoring Experience at one time. To learn more, sign up for an Anti-Diet Advantage Breakthrough Session.


The Happy Belly VIP Retreat

Lose the belly bloat, double your energy and heal yourself naturally… without relying on expensive allergy-free products. This program will help you design your new healthy lifestyle, makeover your pantry, and fill your fridge with customized, ready-to-eat meals…  in One DAY!

This VIP Retreat will help you detox your life, shed the excess and revamp your life quickly and easily. To learn more, sign up for your Anti-Diet Advantage Breakthrough Session.

Ready to get started?

The Anti-Diet Breakthrough Session is guaranteed to give you at least one ‘a-ha!’ about how you can get healthier starting today. So don’t wait — you deserve to feel and look your best. Start today.

1. Get your Anti-Diet Advantage Breakthrough Session on my calendar

2. Send me your Anti-Diet Advantage Breakthrough Session payment (only $50, valued at $127)

3. Fill out the questionnaire that I will send to you prior to your session

4. Meet with me over the phone for your Breakthrough Session

5. If the private coaching experience is right for you, the Anti-Diet Advantage Breakthrough Session payment will be applied to your program investment

holistic health coach
holistic health coach
holistic health coach
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