holistic health coach
holistic health coach


I have a vast network of friends and resources – these are just a few of my most trusted partners that I would happily refer to any of my friends or colleagues. If you’re looking for help in a particular area not listed here, please just ask me! I may know the perfect person to help you out.






D. Julien Fitness
Declan Julien

Declan is a fantastic personal trainer and spin instructor who teaches spinning, TRX and custom personal training throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – check D. Julien Fitness for the latest classes and programs.


Oasis Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Dr. Jason Goldstein

Dr. Jason Goldstein is a caring, thorough chiropractor that takes you out of pain into wellness with his three-step method. Oasis is relaxing, uplifting, and healing whether you’re in pain or want to maintain your wellness. Check out his reviews on Yelp for more info.


USANA health sciences

USANA supplements and nutritional cleanse products are the highest rated, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that are guaranteed to contain the exact amount of nutrients listed on the label. These are the only supplements I use in my practice – you can buy them from my USANA website.



Charlie Badenhop

Charlie Badenhop is a master coach and the originator of Seishindo – A human potential discipline based on the MindBody principles of Aikido, Noguchi Sei Tai, Self-relations Therapy, NLP, and Ericksonian Hypnosis. He is a certified trainer in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, and a 4th dan instructor of “Ki Aikido”. He lives in Japan, but is in New York occasionally – check his website for upcoming classes.


TranceForming Changes
Joel Elfman

Joel Elfman, the TranceForming Consultant, helps holistic practitioners evolve themselves to release patterns of stress, habit, and belief and create more room for growth, fulfillment and achievement in life. As his clients evolve, their practices flourish and lives gain new energy.


Walk and Talk Therapy
Clay Cockrell

Clay Cockrell is a therapist who helps people sort through their problems while walking with them through Central Park and other beautiful green spaces in New York City. Because his unique practice incorporates movement and nature, clients find that they start feeling better more rapidly than in traditional therapy.


Peri Lyons Intuitive Coaching
Peri Lyons

Peri Lyons is a gifted intuitive healer who helps her clients remove blocks to moving forward in matters of career, relationship and life. Recently profiled in the New Yorker, Peri is known as the celebrity psychic. She works with clients in the New York City area as well as across the world via Skype.


Angelic Channell Chernise Spruell
Chernise Spruell

Chernise is a gifted healer who channels inspired messages from the angelic realms. She offers a monthly group Q&A session with the angels (first Monday of the month), and she’s also available for individual healing sessions and intuitive life coaching. She and I also ran a combined cleanse and chakra balancing class last year – read more about her on her website.

holistic health coach
holistic health coach
holistic health coach
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