holistic health coach
holistic health coach

What clients are saying about Delicious Life Coaching

Spring Cleanse Classes

“I had the pleasure to work with Christy Goldfeder when I participated in her Spring Cleanse class in May. She was amazing to work with! She provided a clear idea of what to expect and even provided us with recipes and menus for the whole cleanse! I didn’t know what to expect because I had never done a cleanse before, but her daily emails inspired and reassured me of the process. I know I speak for everyone in the class that Christy went above and beyond with the cleanse. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to live healthier and happier lives.”
– Mary M., Brooklyn

“I highly recommend Christy’s week long cleansing.  It is a small step to take that can have a significant impact.  For me it was a life changing experience which helped me to make the decision to not drink coffee along with having more energy and being able to breathe better.”
– Howard E., New York, NY

I feel so great – and I lost my chocolate cravings

I just completed a week long “seasonal cleanse” with the guidance of my friend Christy (a Certified Holistic Health Coach). Although not entirely “easy” for me (mostly due to psychological addictions I have to coffee and CHOCOLATE), it was a great experience and I thought you might also be interested in doing one with her either this Fall/Winter (maybe after Thanksgiving?) or sometime in the future.

The week long cleanse included teleclass, week of menus, daily e-mail support throughout the cleanse days, and a 30 minute one-on-one follow up after the cleanse. The beauty of it is that you can be/live anywhere and even do it with friends that live in other places. (The more the merrier, I think.)

I felt so great yesterday! Like my body was completely light and free of toxins! Then, of course, I celebrated with a big dish of pasta (which I had been craving) and a glass of red wine. I even made a homemade chocolate blackout cake to reward myself for the week’s work and chocolate deprivation. Guess what? I didn’t feel like eating the cake, after all, and although the wine wasn’t as satisfying as I had anticipated–I drank it anyway. And then guess what? I woke-up this morning feeling like crap. Go figure. I guess eating that healthy agreed with me more than I had hoped.

I’m definitely planning to do the Spring cleanse.

– Kristina, Long Island City, NY

Fall cleansing class feels wonderful

This has been a very positive experience. I am not ready to give it up yet. It is kind of like messing up a house that you spent two days cleaning. I just don’t want to do it.  I liked most of the recipes because of the seasonings which made the food very tasty. I liked the root veggies, and I really liked the rice cereal, the talapia and the sauteed greens. Each of these recepies I made several times. You were very helpful with your hints, recipes, teleconference, and answers to questions.
– Sallie, Long Island, NY
Individual Coaching Clients

Eating better while marathon training

I was trying to lose some weight while training hard for my first marathon. As a vegetarian, I tend to eat a lot of carbs, especially when I’m working out. But I knew that eating too many carbs would hinder my weight loss. Christy helped me find new things to eat that would give me the energy I needed to do endurance workouts and help me lose weight. I really enjoyed the healthy shopping trip – I learned a lot about how to eat and shop healthfully just from this one session. Since I’ve worked with Christy, I completed two marathons and have reached my weight loss goals easily without relying on processed foods.

– Jamie, Brooklyn, NY

Changing my habits for the better

I worked with Christy for the better part of a year. I thought I “knew” what healthy and organic food was until Christy took me shopping. She showed me what organic foods really are in such a manner that my way of looking at a carrot, a cracker, or a bunch of greens has been completely altered, and has not shifted back.

Her personal consultations followed weekly, with menus. She blended my eating with my emotional, personal and exercise life and in so doing, I found myself changing habits. What was once “good for me” was reexamined. Life altered. Behavior changed.
Christy is a kind and sympathetic listener. She has a thorough comprehension of healthy eating practices, of natural lifestyles that flow with healing exercise and energy, along with a great number of resources readily available as referrals. If you seek a holistic nutritional consultant who will stay by your side, I “heart”ily recommend Christy Goldfeder.
– Janet, Stratford, CT

Feeling great and losing weight

I found Christy to be really helpful and supportive. She provided me with a lot of great tips and useful information including handouts and books in addition to our talks. She was extremely professional, following up all of our meetings with detailed notes and observations, giving me thoughtful answers to my questions, patiently listening to me, and encouraging me to set and meet goals. Since I started working with her, I lost more than 5 pounds, reduced my stress, improved my diet, and saw an improvement in my gastrointestinal issues

– Janine, Brooklyn, NY

No more migraines

I have suffered from migraine headaches since I was a teenager. But now they were much worse – I was getting them for two weeks out of each month and taking very strong prescription medication to treat them.

I started working with Christy to learn how to eat heathier, lose weight, and see if I could figure out what was causing these migraines. Christy encouraged me to add more whole foods into my diet, cut down on processed foods and caffeine, and increase my exercise. By the time we had our last appointment, I hadn’t had a migraine in a month!

– Valerie, Long Island, NY

holistic health coach
holistic health coach
holistic health coach
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